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"As an actor I know the ins and outs of how to tease out and capture the real you. I pride myself on my skills in the editing suite, and will go the extra mile to provide you with the best quality retouched images." - Bobby JD

I love to capture people's true character in portraits, each moment, each emotion, each sparkle in the eye can tell so many stories. If I can help boost peoples self esteem about how they look and show who they are and what they do, I will have achieved my goal. 

I began my photography over 10 years ago, where I studied it at A-Level along with Fine Art and being part of a Rugby academy. I shot my team and made their player profiles. I then moved onto do an Art Foundation degree with the aim to move onto Theatrical/Film costume. 

Along the way I found the stage, and my path changed. I earned a place at the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech & Drama to study 3 years as an actor. 

Through acting training and my professional life I have had to be on both sides of the camera. I used to hate having my photographs taken but now I have developed a kindness toward myself and learnt to accept myself through pictures. 

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